YR Improving Outcomes in Reading and Writing (Wirral Region)

Start Date: 10 Oct 2019 - Finish Date: 10 Oct 2019

Price: ££85.00

Start Time: 09:00 End Time: 11:45

Venue: Bedford Drive Primary School

Is your English curriculum ambitious and connected?
Does your English curriculum layer knowledge?
Do you want an increase in Greater Depth and Expected Standard readers and writers?

Connected Curriculum for Writing and Reading will help secure end of year expectations, through a knowledge based curriculum.
Connected Curriculum for Writing and Reading professional development will also support delegates by:
 signposting of wider curriculum enrichments, to deepen curriculum knowledge
 providing strategies, skills and knowledge required to teach reading and writing at ARE and at greater depth
 exploring opportunities to reinforce grammar, spelling and punctuation in context
 providing vocabulary rich resources
Connected Curriculum for Writing and Reading will give practitioners the confidence and support they need to embrace the challenges of the National Curriculum for reading and writing.
This interactive and engaging professional development will be explored through a new, powerful text.
Delegates will also receive a beautifully crafted and detailed unit of work that centres around a new quality, language rich book, with a wealth of reading and writing possibilities.

Audience: Teachers, English Subject Leaders and Senior Leaders

‘The Return unit was fantastic and really enjoyed teaching with it. A big strength of the unit is how the links between being an analytical reader and an effective writer are made clear. The children relished the high level vocabulary and many children included these words or synonyms of these into their own independent work. Steve Caldwell SLT January 2019

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