Year 6

  • Rose Blanche

    Rose Blanche and Anne Frank


    Strong links to History! This stirring unit will will inspire your pupils to write their own diaries and bravery award speeches.

  • A Story like the Wind

    A Story Like The Wind


    Stunning! Themes of freedom, music and seeking refuge will inspire your pupils to write their own flashback narratives and newspaper reports.

  • Origin of Species

    The Origin of Species


    This entrancing picture book is filled with informative, beautifully designed diagrams and maps and fits in extremely well with the Science topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.

  • Wolves

    The Ways of the Wolf


    REVISION UNIT! This Read to Write unit is crammed with several writing outcomes for children from two inspiring books about wolves.

  • Shackleton's Journey

    Shackleton’s Journey


    Shackleton’s Journey is a wonderful account of a particularly famous and hazardous Antarctic adventure.

  • Hansel and Gretel

    Hansel and Gretel


    Master writer Neil Gaiman, twinned with dark illustrations, provides a haunting invitation to be enticed into the world of the forest and to write!