Year 4

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    A giant hoax or not? This story of adventure and determination is powerfully illustrated - ripe for setting and recount writing.

  • Leaf



    Whilst touching on issues of global warming, this book also has a positive message of not judging others because they are different.

  • Arthur and The Golden Rope

    Arthur and the Golden Rope


    This book will really appeal to your Year 4 class because it is full of adventure, excitement and fun!

  • The Lost Happy Endings

    The Lost Happy endings


    Rich vocabulary and rich illustrations - this compelling story about a wicked witch who steals story endings is a real invitation to write.

  • The Journey

    The Journey


    Powerful subtext to this emotive story which sensitively deals with refugee and allows for narrative, poetry and diary writing.

  • Manfish



    Save our seas! This hybrid text is a narrative account of the oceanographer Jacques Cousteau - beautiful language for beautiful writing.