Year 3

  • Fox



    Fox is a powerful story of friendship, betrayal and courage which will inspire your Year 3 pupils to produce their own fable and information writing.

  • Into The Forest

    Into the Forest


    With its rich provocative illustrations, this extraordinary book will encourage your Year 3 pupils to engage in narrative and recount writing.

  • Jemmy Button

    Jemmy Button


    Jemmy Button is inspired by the touching true story of a child who was brought into England in the mid-1800s to be 'educated' and 'civilised'.

  • Return



    This stunning picture book which paints a story, even without words! These illustrations are a perfect opportunity to write setting descriptions.

  • Seen and Not Heard

    Seen and Not Heard


    Seen and not Heard is an unforgettable book, perfect for children with wild imaginations and even better for those who are mischievous!

  • The Iron Man

    The Iron Man


    This centres on the much-loved classic story from Ted Hughes.  Incredible illustrations from Chris Mould’s provide real provocations to write.