Reception Progression Units

  • The Something

    The Something


    This is an imaginative adventure story about a boy who loses his ball down a hole in his garden. What could be down the hole?

  • Star in a Jar

    Star in a Jar


    This delightful story about two siblings is the perfect book to share with Reception children with its rich language and beautiful illustrations

  • Juniper Jupiter

    Juniper Jupiter


    Juniper Jupiter is a real-life superhero who is on a very important mission: to find a side-kick that is just right.

  • Little Red

    Little Red


    With its vibrant illustrations, subtle humour and characters with a difference, Little Red is a twist on the original fairy tale.

  • Extraordinary Gardner

    The Extraordinary Gardener


    With strong links to the environment, this beautiful book is a must for every Reception class.

  • Storm Whale

    The Storm Whale


    The Storm Whale is a charming, heart-warming story of friendship and finding something unexpected washed up on a beach.