Additional Units

  • Dreams of Freedom

    Dreams of Freedom


    Get Writing! This inspirational book is about freedom. From freedom to have a home to freedom to be yourself!

  • Henry's Freedom Box

    Henry’s Freedom Box


    A stirring story of a slave who mails himself to freedom.  Themes of determination and hope give provocations for diary & biography writing.

  • Jack And The Baked Beanstalk

    Jack and the Baked Beanstalk


    With its rich vocabulary and original, digital images, this book is a clever twist on the well-known traditional tale ‘Jack and the beanstalk’.

  • Paper Planes

    Paper Planes


    This is a touching story of friendship and flight about two characters who love to make paper aeroplanes.

  • Return



    This stunning picture book which paints a story, even without words! These illustrations are a perfect opportunity to write setting descriptions.

  • Seen and Not Heard

    Seen and Not Heard


    Seen and not Heard is an unforgettable book, perfect for children with wild imaginations and even better for those who are mischievous!

  • Mr Gumpy's Outing

    Mr Gumpy’s Outing


    This children’s classic provides countless links to the EYFS curriculum as children are immersed on a journey with this much loved character.

  • There's A Tiger In The Garden

    There’s a tiger in the garden


    This magical picture book about imagination and play will spark the interest of your Year 1 children as they write their own stories about a different animal who could be hiding in their garden.