Steps to Read is whole class shared reading lesson planning and provides a clear teaching sequence to reading sessions that explicitly teach reading skills and strategies in a cumulative way through evidence-based approaches. These comprehensive units have been constructed so that the entire statutory curriculum for reading is covered from EYFS to Y6.  The primary aim of Steps to Read is to teach reading comprehensions skills and strategies explicitly.   They are now also available online! These teaching resource save time for teachers and include workbooks for children to use to use in school and at home.

NB: Steps to Read uses extracts from high-quality children’s literature (Vehicle Texts). In the main these extracts are contained within the Steps to Read online lesson resources.

Steps to Read online lessons for only £10 per month per class!

£10 per Month per Class
  • 20 – 25 lessons per half term
  • Explicit vocabulary teaching
  • Decodable words
  • Common exception words (KS1 and & EYFS)
  • Fluency sentences
  • Text extracts from quality literature
  • Strong curriculum links
  • Includes online support
  • Annual updates
  • Downloadable workbooks for children

Whilst extracts are used for Steps to Read Literacy Counts would advocate that the entire books are purchased as resources for the classroom, so they can be shared and enjoyed in their entirety as part of the ‘reading for pleasure’ agenda in schools.

4 Steps Teaching Sequence